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Qualified Leads

With more complex products and services it is important to agree what a qualified lead is.

  • Does the prospect have a need or an application for your product or service?

  • What is the prospect's role in the decision-making process?

  • When is the prospect's planning to buy or commence the tendering process?

  • What is the status of the prospect's budget?

  • What is the size of the opportunity?

It is not realistic to ask these questions directly using a script, so standard telemarketing campaigns often don't work or are ineffective. Salesfuel benefits from having staff with the commercial acumen to qualify leads by engaging in conversation and interpreting response. These responses can often be subtle, expressing concern or outlining problems that require resolution.

With higher volume lead generation campaigns a ‘lead scoring’ technique can be used allocating points. Leads with a high enough total can be considered qualified. For example the following are typical qualification criteria:

Plans to buy within:

Next 3 months = 5
3-6 months = 3
6 months plus = 1

Contact is:

Decision Maker = 5
Advisor = 3
Influencer = 1

Need for solution / Pain is:

Clearly defined = 5
Recognised = 3
Partially identified = 1

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