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Sales Lead Generation

Sales Lead GenerationA sustainable, consistent flow of sales leads is built upon three main factors:

  • Identification and profiling of target prospects in the market.

  • Making contact with the decision maker - including, frequently, making multiple approaches to the target prospect to make sure that the decision maker is correctly identified.

  • Regular follow-up and contact with the prospect's decision maker(s) if not ready to buy immediately at pre-determined times and, preferably, pre-agreed times. This is the essence of good pipeline manangement.

  • All of these activities are based on a rigorous and disciplined approach to market development – in all its guises – underpinned by tested procedures and processes with the CRM system at its core.

  • The ability to generate leads that have direct and immediate relevance will minimise field sales costs and increase productivity.

  • The approach that Salesfuel uses is the same to support your field sales whether they are managed by Salesfuel or they are employed by our customers.

  • Significantly, too, in some instances the sale can be made via telesales with only minimal follow-up by field sales with the prospect.

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