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Sales Follow Up

Focus only on Live Qualified Leads and you could be missing 75% of your future sales opportunities

If your telemarketing campaign only focuses on Hot Live Leads then you run the risk of neglecting as much as three out of four 'future' sales leads. Prospects don’t always reveal their actual needs on early contact so they can’t be qualified and it is human nature for sales people, resellers, distributors to focus on the business leads that represent short term sales opportunities to meet targets and earn commissions.

Salesfuel have proven that investment in disciplined, timely follow up activities will retain these prospects in your pipeline until they are ready to buy. It is important that follow up activity is executed immediately or at the pre-agreed time with prospects and that they get the information they require, not just a 'standard' brochure.

Salesfuel will organise for your staff to call prospects to address any specific technical requests for information via telephone calls. These might only be ones pre-identified as 'high sales potential'. Once dealt with we can take ownership  again . This utilises the knowledge and staff resource to sell avoiding the scenario where leads are handed over too early and never followed up again!

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