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Prospect Profiling

Get more from every decision maker contacted

Salesfuel gather the sales intelligence required to understand each prospect and determine the best sales approach and strategy for winning their business. For more complex 'solution' sales such as software, consultancy and IT infrastructure it is essential.

Our sales people contact decision makers several times throughout the prospecting process. Each time building a 'prospect profile' giving an insight into their business needs. We have developed several ways to rate sales potential and assess where the prospect is in the buying cycle so that we can prioritise contact and ensure that they get the right information at the right time. Obvious examples are prospects already tied into contracts. The renewal date and name of supplier is key to determining when we approach again and our angle.

All of this information is committed to the CRM systems for tracking, targeting and sharing with others in the organisation such as marketing. Quite often clients will simply select prospect already profiled and take ownership if the potential is high helping business development teams to improve self generated leads.
Prospect Profiling


The key to good prospect profiling is the consistency of interpretation. Many companies find that their sales people (internal and external) lack the time and focus to input prospect data properly according to the original set of rules!

At the end of a long day the information goes in the notes, so can’t be easily tracked and no call back set. Leads get missed.

Implementing prospect profiling as a methodology provides control over your sales pipeline data and certainty that your are making the most of every sales opportunity on an ongoing basis.

Higher quality sales lead, better conversion rates.

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