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Outsourced Sales

We will recruit and manage your sales for you. You can outsource some or all of your sales activities to Salesfuel, providing a ready-made and flexible sales resource to kick start, replace or add lead generation capacity to your business. Salesfuel focus on outsourcing both the prospecting and sign-up stages of your sales process. We are experts in organising and executing new customer acquisition campaigns and long term partnerships with our clients. We are accountable for delivering results and what your pay for reflects our approach.


To find, gather intelligence and promote your proposition.

Appointment Setting

To convert interest into commitment.

Sales Follow Up

To ensure that prospect receive information and are contacted again.

Field Sales

To win orders and sign up new business.

Sales Consultancy

To develop the recipe for generating sales.

UK Market Entry

To provide a sales operation for overseas companies looking to enter UK and European Markets.

Our mix of people, technology and sales techniques will build a healthy sales pipeline for your business. Easy and quick to set up, with no fixed overheads, you will gain all the skills and resources of a professional sales team at a fraction of the cost. You select the range of services necessary to meet your companies immediate needs. We implement the plan and manage our staff specifically to sell your product or service.

What really counts are profitable contracts that come from building good business relationships through regular contact and disciplined follow up.

Many of our clients have more potential to grow than they have resources to do so or do not wish to commit to a potential new opportunity before fully understanding the implications. We provide the resources, target prospects, generate sales leads and in signing up new business accounts.

Generating a consistent flow of sales leads is not easy. It takes experience and discipline to provide high quality leads for sales professional at a relatively low cost. We have carried out telemarketing and sales lead generation projects for our diverse client base so can also help with the planning as well as execution of campaigns.

Another attractive use for outsourcing is to test new markets, or to expand into distant markets without having to undergo an expensive geographic expansion. This can lead to substantially increased sales through a multiple market presence. Salesfuel can bridge the gap for overseas companies wishing to gain access to the UK and European markets. We provide a sales office and the ability to sell your products and services at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own office and recruiting staff directly.

Excellent reasons to outsource:

  • Focus on core business, technical sales and closing

  • Expanded sales territories covered

  • Existing sales force is missing key opportunities and specialists can help

  • Higher quality and volume of sales leads for field sales representatives

  • Speed to market

  • Lower the cost of new client acquisition

  • More flexibility in building a sales force

  • New product launch capability without a long term commitment

  • More effective prospecting and lead generation effectiveness

  • Enhanced relationships with prospects and clients

  • Lower cost per sale

  • Scalability and reduce risk of hiring and employing

  • Information / Reporting management