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B2B Sales Leads

B2B Sales LeadsIf your telemarketing campaign only focuses on 'Hot' or 'Live' Leads then you could be, missing three out of four sales in the future.

The interpretation of what a lead is varies from one organisation so it is vital that you define them within your organisation and set out a simple plan of set of actions to handle them.

Along with various clients we have established that only one in four B2B prospects have short term needs and looking to select a supplier now. The other three prospects will buy in the medium to long term, so neglecting them will dramatically affect your sales results, possibly allowing your competitor to pick up the business.

The reason is mainly human nature. Most sales people, resellers, distributors focus on the business leads that represent short term sales opportunities to meet targets and earn commissions. It is also difficult for field sales people to make calls from the road or indeed be expected to fill in other reasons including the discipline and administrative side of a sales pipeline that does not let any leads slip through the net.

The symptoms can include companies who demand a relentless stream on 'Fresh' leads. In most markets there are only a finite number of prospects ready to buy today so understanding when they are moving into the buying cycle is key. Our sales pipeline management expertise and lead nurturing techniques will help your business to overcome these problems and reduce your cost of acquiring each new lead.

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